The TIG version of the Lorch Cobot Welding Package is your entry to the world of Cobot welding for TIG applications, spanning a wide range of industries including mechanical engineering and sheet metal processing as well as the food, furniture and pharmaceutical industry. 

Add our collaborative welding robot to your team and take your competitiveness to the next level by benefiting from high-quality welding jobs, executed with first-rate quality and visual appearance across a wide range of materials plus zero spatter – with and without filler metal. 

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The Cobotronic software of the Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition

The exclusive Lorch software included with the TIG edition offers unparalleled ease of us: all parameters, both for the power source and the cold wire filler, are selected with perfect reliability by the Cobot - ensuring maximum comfort and upmost efficiency.

What is more, the touch display and the intuitive user interface ensure a low learning curve for all of your employees, allowing your company to instantly put the Cobot to productive use. Making the programming of new tasks simple, the Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition allows you to automate your small batch production with exceptional ease and economy.

Cobot Welding Package WIG-Edition
Cobot Welding Package WIG-Edition
Simon Ludwig, Welder - Hodapp GmbH

“Programming the welding Cobot is quick and easy and, in fact, a lot of fun. Welding with perfect dependability, the robot affords us a tremendous amount of savings in time and workload when used for highly repetitive and strenuous welding jobs.”

Simon Ludwig

Welder Hodapp GmbH

Cobot welding: now with TIG welding technology in Lorch quality.

We have optimised the equipment included with the TIG edition of the Lorch Cobot Welding Package for the requirements of automated welding processes: for maximum efficiency, safety and quality - and for savings in cost and time. 

Lorch welding system V30 AC-DC

The welding system

Included with the Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition is the premium Lorch welding system V30 AC-DC. Thanks to its optimised ignition characteristics, this system is perfectly suited for automated operation. The built-in fast pulse technology furthermore delivers maximum efficiency for TIG welding automation. 

Torch LTR 350

The torch

Specially developed for TIG Cobot welding, the torch LTR 350 makes this premium system complete. Its slim, yet sturdy design and the Cobot-optimised torch holder turn it into the perfect partner. Better yet, the hybrid cooling concept including innovative heat pipe technology allows for quick and precise torch changes with no leaking coolant. 

Lorch Feed 1 cold wire feeder

The cold wire feeder

The digital and fully integrated Lorch Feed 1 cold wire feeder provides a precise and reliable cold wire feed throughout the welding process. The cold wire feeder and the Cobot together ensure an effortless feed and offer dependable results without spatter - ideal for all welding tasks for which the use of a filler metal is imperative. The Lorch Feed 1 comes standard with version III and IV of the Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition. Refer to our fact sheet for further technical details on the equipment and for an overview of what is included with the Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition I–IV. 

Fully equipped with the Lorch Cobot Welding Package Equipment.

The Lorch Welding Package removes all obstacles that may have kept you from automating your day-to-day welding tasks – the scope of the package includes everything you need: from the hose package to the foot switch. Made with the familiar Lorch quality, the industry-grade equipment has been designed one hundred percent for the rough conditions during welding. 

Cobot Welding Package WIG-Edition
Cobot Welding Package WIG-Edition

The safety technology of TIG edition: safe and easy to use.

The safety of your staff and shop floor is always front and centre. This is why each Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition also comprises our safety equipment including laser scanner and enabling switch. 

The sophisticated system projects an invisible warning and protective field around the operator to provide protection against any possible danger. 

  1. As soon as the operator enters the warning field, the Cobot will reduce its speed and the operator will be alerted with an acoustic signal. 
  2. If the operator moves into the protective field, the Cobot will stop the work process altogether. 

This special type of protection ensures that operating the Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition remains as easy as can be. Moreover, it also allows our Cobot to work with even greater speed - and, as a result, with even greater efficiency. 

See for yourself how you can benefit from the Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG Edition.

Some of our qualified Lorch Cobot partners have a demo system they can use to give you a first-hand demonstration of the advantages of Cobot welding. Our competent partners are also the right address for any questions you may have - before or after your purchasing decision: honest, personal and nearby. 

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